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Digital Switch

The power inside our switch is a first for lighting control. Microprocessors, Memory, and Multiple Control Protocols, all in a familiar Decora Style package.

Advanced Circuitry

The power of a computer is built into our wall switch. This provides advanced features and the ability to continuously expand our capability.

Power and Control Over Cat-6 cable.

Reduced Carbon Footprint, no AC Power to Switches, and greatly reduced installation cost.



Using No AC Power

0-10 VDC Lighting Control

DMX Lighting Control

Unlimited Multi-Way Switching

Astron Switch Shrinking

Up to 20 Switches Can be Connected in Series

Centralized Building Lighting Control that Cannot be "Hacked"

Astron No Hacking

Every Switch can be Controlled from a Computer, Network, or Smart Device

Cat-6 Wiring

Astron RJ45 Cat-6 Cable Wire

No Conduit or J-Boxes

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