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No One Else Can Do This

Integrated Total Building Lighting Control, Utilizing Only Wall Switches

The Future for Lighting Control

“We didn’t invent the “Wall Switch” or “Smart Lighting Control”, however we studied them both until we understood them better than their inventors and integrated “Total Building Lighting Control” into a wall switch.”

“The world is just beginning to understand the importance of lighting on the human biosystem, and Astron is leading the way by incorporating “Circadian Lighting Control” in a wall switch.”

The Bottom Line!

Astron Takes Lighting Control to the Next Level

“Being indoors fills a large part of our lives, so why not have exceptional control of the lighting that surrounds us?”

“The Astron Wall Switch is a remarkable tool that can save energy, provide a healthier environment, and eliminate massive amounts of embedded carbon.”

“When we started, we wanted to put a “Dent” in lighting control, but what we ended up doing is a “Sea-Change” for lighting.”